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“I have been a patient of Dr. Cies for over 35 years. I first saw him because I had terrible eye aches and he discovered I had glaucoma. So that was my first surgery with him and it went perfectly no more glaucoma. Then a few years pass and now I needed cataract surgery. So again Dr. Cies performed surgery on both eyes and things went perfectly as expected. Then since I inherited my Dad's eyes and I have his droopy eyelids that obstructed my field of vision. Dr. Cies to the rescue! He did both eyelids and I couldn't be happier! The surgery made a world of difference in my visions and looks. And as recently as July 2021, he removed a Pterygium from my left eye. Once again, the surgery went perfectly. My vision is back to normal.”

"In my opinion, he is a great Doctor and I wouldn't let anyone else touch my eyes. His staff is exactly the same, kind, caring, professional, and very knowledgeable."


“Dr. Cies attention to detail then.......the ATTENTION to ME . Dr. Cies Brilliant, Stellar, Communicates , EDUCATES that is how I describe my Eye Physical. Learned to much from Dr. Cies, felt a DEEP OWNERSHIP of my own Eye Physical. Am 57 years of age, sharing that for you to understand now most people start entering not just a VISION Issue, health of the EYES issue. Felt as mentioned LEARNED so much to armor me in the future. Dr. Cies detailed, up to DATE, forefront!!! Thank You. ”


As a 22-year patient, I have always been able to get in to see Dr. Cies the same day when i had a problem. He shows a genuine interest in my health and the office staff is friendly and efficient. ”


Great service as always! Thank you for taking care of our whole families eye health! ”


Wow, who would have thought that cataract surgery not only got rid of the cloudiness in my eyes but gave me better eyesight than I ever experienced. September 2020 Dr. Cies operated on my right eye. The laser at Hoag was down on the day of the surgery, so Dr. Cies proceeded ahead, the old-fashioned way. After this surgery, I could see distance like never before. March 2021 and I went confidently ahead with the left eye. This time the laser machine was operating, but it was difficult to exceed the results from the first surgery. To this day, August 4, 2021, both my distance and reading function without glasses. I feel reborn – who would have thought it at age 84. An added plus, there was zero pain. Guess there are no nerves in our eyes. ”


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