Nora Antolin, Optical

Nora Antolin, Optical

  • Lead Dispensing Optician

  • 30 Years Optical Experience

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Optical: Eye Wear

We have an extensive optical department to accommodate your eyeglass needs. Our certified optician, Nora, is highly skilled in fitting your glasses form a style and appearance as well as best functional need.

Our lab is very reliable and technically adept and provides the highest quality lenses. We currently stock the following frames:

tom ford
maui jim
tiffany & co
D & G
ray ban
calvin klein
nike vision
vera bradley
trina turk

​​​​​​​An important part of successful glasses is addressing your particular needs and daily activities. Nora is sensitive to this issue and is an expert in addressing vision needs with the proper type of lenses. There are a number of special lenses including progressive multifocal lenses, occupational lenses, polarized lenses, glare resistant coatings, protective UV coatings, scratch-resistant coatings and transitions lenses.

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